Fessy Shafaat Makes Bold Claim: ‘Nobody Can Beat Me’


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Fessie Shafaat, who is in her second season at the Challenge looking for her first win, has made a name for herself this season. He won the daily match in the first two episodes and made some hard hits as the winning duo with his partner Anea Ferreira.

His energy indoors contrasted with his confidence outdoors. He spoke on the Challenge Mania and Instagram Lives podcast about the importance of showing off his skills. Fessey has recently made some bold statements about the Challenge participants, saying that he believes he is the best in the history of the Challenge in terms of physical elimination and that no one can beat him.

Here’s the video (courtesy of ChallengeTeaa):

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Fessey stated that no one in the history of the challenge can beat him, with the possible exception of Chris CT Tamburello.

In the video, Fessey says he’s not there to make plays or get approval from fans. I’m really good at this, he said. These challenges, these exceptions, I don’t think anyone can beat me in a one-on-one physical elimination. No one in the history of the Challenge can beat me in physical elimination.

He also added that people in the house knew about it and that he felt that people’s opinion of him was wrong: You’ve only seen me for a year and a half. So your opinion of me… They’ve been seeing other people for 15-20 seasons, so you think they can beat me.

He then talked specifically about Chris CT Tamburello and said I’ve seen KT clips and I’m not going to talk about me and KT, KT is goatee. I’ve seen clips of CT, this guy was a dog that would get in people’s faces like people were afraid of him. I’m not here to compare myself to the scanner. He said he knows his worth and what he brings to exams, and that his colleagues who speak negatively of him do so because they know he is great.

Fussy had sex with his ally and flirted with several women in the house.

Double Agents is Fessy’s second season after his debut in Total Insanity, where he reached the finals as a rookie without making too much noise at home. His second season is a different story though, as the Big Brother alumnus has made great strides, winning his first two daily contests, sending strong teams to the show and flirting with several women.

In the fourth episode of Double Agents, Fessy volunteered for the elimination against her ally Nelson Thomas, making a bold move that shocked fans of the challenge. A few days later, he took to social media to apologize for the move and said he wished he hadn’t. Here’s the full position:

Fessy Shafaat Makes Bold Claim: ‘Nobody Can Beat Me’

Screenshot from InstagramScreenshot of Fessy apologizing to Nelson

Fessey wrote that his action was selfish, and that it was because he sometimes took winning too seriously. He said: I think we really wanted to take care of each other, and I’m sorry for what I did.

Fessy continues: If I could take it back, I would. The game brought out the best in me. He also said: I should have played the cards and asked Josh and Nellie to play a duet. I’m sorry for what I did to Nelson, he didn’t deserve it.

Fessy also came from misery and exceptions and was seen kissing Ashley Mitchell in the last episode and flirting with Gabby Allen in the previous episode. For the past few weeks, there have been rumors of Fessy and Tori Deal flirting around the house.

In the NSFW Reality podcast, Ashley said that when I got home, it was one of those dramas that everyone wanted to tell me about: Oh my God, [Tori and Bladderdder] have been on top of each other, you can’t believe it. She said she heard them flirting and massaging each other.

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