Project Triangle Strategy (not the final game) is one of the most popular new games from the recent Nintendo Direct. However, it will not be published until sometime next year. But that doesn’t require our enthusiasm. So let’s find out together what we know so far about the triangle strategy.


The Triangle Strategy project is a brand new intellectual property for veteran Square Enix. Fans have long longed for a sequel to the iconic Final Fantasy Tactics, which originally came out on PlayStation One. But even if we don’t get a new Final Fantasy Tactics game, Triangle Strategy wants to take its place in a brand new RPG with tactics.

Unfortunately, Triangle Strategy won’t be released until next year, with a release date of 2022. There is not even an indication of when it will be released in 2022.


Fortunately, Square Enix was kind enough to provide us with a demo, which is now available on Nintendo’s online store. A detailed demo gives us an idea of what the game will be like. The graphics are very reminiscent of Octopath Traveler, another hit from Square Enix on the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is reminiscent of a modern adaptation of Final Fantasy Tactics. From what we’ve played so far, it’s a dark tale of politics and war. A mature audience and fans of political intrigue will surely enjoy this game.

However, some fans complained that the game seemed a bit slow. Even with the acceleration feature, the game still seems lethargic. Some battles can also seem monotonous and unnecessarily long. Fortunately, they were inspired by the team that worked on Bravely Default 2. Following the same procedure, Square Enix published a gameplay demo when the game was introduced to the public. Then they will use the feedback from the players who received the demo to refine the game.

Player feedback has played a crucial role in the development of Bravely Default 2, and it has become the best game thanks to this openness from the developers. We hope to see the same dynamic here at Triangle Strategy.


They say the best things in life grow in threes. In case you hadn’t noticed, the number three is a major theme in the triangle strategy. The political plot of the game follows three powerful powers on the continent of Norselia: the Kingdom of Glenbrook, the Grand Duchy of Esfrost, and the Holy State of Byzantium. Each of the three powers controls a vital resource that has led to many conflicts, including the Saltiron War.

The mutual destruction of the three powers has brought an unstable peace, but it will not last. The fragile truce was immediately broken when the newborn, Archduke Gustadolf of Esfrost, launched a surprise invasion of Glenbrook.

If the game allows the player to take control of members of the Glenbrook aristocracy, it is also possible that we could play as one of the three royal houses, ala Brigandine or Fire Emblem three houses. This may seem so because the manifestation begins in chapter 6, leaving many opportunities for the other two kingdoms to appear in other chapters.


Strategy Project Triangle introduces a new game mechanic to the tactical genre. There are simple things like back and flank stabs that add an extra layer of strategy. But the most important change is to use the elements and terrain to your advantage. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you cast a magic fire spell over a grassy plain? You can check this yourself in the project triangle strategy. You can use the power of the elements and influence the battlefield to reverse the course of the battle.

More importantly, you can also influence the course of history through the choices you make on and off the battlefield. With your decision, you influence the scope of the central ideas of the game. The balance between utility, morality and freedom is affected by your choices, which lead to story battles and possibly secondary missions. Bottom line: Your decisions can affect the survivors of this epic battle between three mighty nations. Can you lead your people to victory and a life outside the war? We’ll know that when the Project Triangle strategy comes out for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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