Mako, one of the most dangerous villains in Dragon Savage history, has been promoted to the current Dragon Savage #256. The character who was killed in Wild Dragon #191 implied by the cover that he came back from the dead…. but it wasn’t quite right. Instead, an obscure member of the vicious circle has injected himself with Mako’s blood in an attempt to regain power after the government’s massive contributions to the vicious circle’s attackers last year. Mako’s character, who first appeared in the comic book Larsen Dragon avant Image, is a recurring appearance in the title.

Even after Mako was killed by Dart, Dart herself was part of the book and was able to alternate her human form and appearance with Mako’s powers. With the unexpected death of Darth in the last issue, the new Mako should be a long-awaited event for most fans.

Larsen joined the discussion about what happened next and how he planned the bloody return of his favorite villain.

Did you always have a plan to get Mako back, or was it like Paul Dragon when you left?

I knew that proper resuscitation of Mako was not possible. He pursued his education as a character, and his story had a beginning, a middle, and an end. But I wanted to take the Mako version, especially since King Shark has appeared in stuff. It froze my brain that Mako claims to be an original and revolutionary creation, so I thought Mako had to come back in some form.

I’ve thought about many ways to get it back without going back, and I’ve considered a number of options, but this seemed like the cleanest way to do it. The sudden appearance of an unnamed son seemed unfair, and no one likes clones.

The blood count was the best option, I thought, and it gave me the best of both worlds because it could be both old and new. He looked like a younger, slimmer version of the old Mako, yet he may have a very different personality, and we’ll be there for his first adventures to see those first timid steps.

Given that Savage Dragon is a porno comic book joke in this issue, can we assume that the pantyless shot on the last page was a reminder?

I don’t really know. It’s more of a reminder that I can do whatever I want. I’m my muse. I wanted to talk about it and tell the online trolls that I heard you – but your criticism won’t change me – I’m responsible for this circus.

Has little Cletus Kasady come up with the idea again to take on this incredibly dangerous villain and make his forces totally crazy?

I hadn’t thought of that. Now that I think about it, I see Cletus Kasadi as a spin-off rather than an expansion. This new Mako is like a successor. With the Cletus, Kasady continued the old Venom model and the Cletus became an extension of the Venom line – not the new Mako. He’s the only Mako.

At first, Malcolm doesn’t seem to be getting along with Paul yet. Is this something that will take some time, or has he put himself in danger and almost died, that this question is a red flag?

She misses her father, and her father died to save the world. His death is therefore very powerful and significant – he made this noble sacrifice and paid the ultimate price. Paul may look like Malcolm’s father, look like Malcolm’s father, and act like Malcolm’s father – but he is not Malcolm’s father, and it is simply unacceptable for this stranger to interfere in his life as if he were his father. At the same time, Paul is trying to make friends here. He has no home and struggles to find his place in the world. He tries to make the best of it and clings to things that seem familiar.

I think the Punisher T-shirt was a comment before everyone made that comment?

I was referring to Dragon Soap Panel #200 and nothing else. There is no greater meaning than that. I tried to connect the two events. This panel refers to the double page spread at the end of my article in issue 200.

Apparently Dragon lost a limb very early in the series and was surprised to find that he had grown back. I don’t think Paul will be so lucky. Was this a deliberate reflection or just a case of over 250 problems and that sooner or later the ideas are repeated and corrected?

Actually, I’m getting rid of my old unpublished fan-drawn comics and my memories. I didn’t give Dragon the healing factor at the time (for lack of a better term) and I try to stay fairly true to those stories. Dragon also had these moments of extreme anger where his eyes were completely white. I did not introduce this part of the story, but I am aware of it.

In my old comics, when the wizard Fon~Ti split William Johnson and Paul Dragon into two personalities, he left William some of his powers so he could still transform into a version of Dragon. Anyway, I try to keep as much distance as possible so Paul Dragon doesn’t make it look like Malcolm’s father has come back from the dead. The question of whether Malcolm’s blood would have cured Paul Dragon is still unanswered, but it should be asked another day.

Since the new Mako is not only crazy, but a bigger villain in the vicious circle than Malcolm, does that make him a joker? Or do you think he’ll find the link quickly?

I let it go and see where it goes. I definitely have long-term plans with some of the characters, but for now I’m not thinking too much about the future with Mako. He can go to any number of places.

Does a character as strong and unstable as Mako make it difficult for Malcolm and Maxine to decide to escape and return to Chicago?

Frankly, I think America is a major factor. Covid-19 is widespread in the United States, and we have not been able to stop it. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Maxine have children in school and receive free health care in Canada, and Maxine’s mother has moved to this country, so they are in no hurry to return home. There is no guarantee that the couple will ever return to the United States.

Clearly, with COVID, the election and everything else, the book has become a time capsule. I know you like to use Christmas songs to mark the passing of time, but was it particularly impressive this year?

Well, my own Christmas has been pretty quiet. My oldest son was staying in Portland and my youngest was home, so it was just me, my wife and my youngest son. We had a tree, but that was due to the size of the party. We climbed a tree and cooked a turkey. It was our Christmas.

They were more fun than mine, even with a hard fight in the snow. In fact, it was a chance to live vicariously through my characters for a few pages and enjoy the festivities in a way I couldn’t. It seemed a little strange to have a Christmas issue after Christmas, but in terms of real time it seemed strange to predict the future, and the Christmas story comes out before the holidays. During the pandemic, he tried mostly to tell stories behind masks. I’d rather paint people’s faces, but we can’t come together as a nation to dress up and socially distance ourselves for a few months and lick this thing – so here we are. And I’ll stick to drawing most characters with masks when they’re out, it’s pretty addictive. Hopefully this will be completed by 2021.

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