When a crowd of supporters of President Trump raided the American Capitol on Wednesday, they were faced with far fewer police, and at the end of the day there were far fewer rioters in custody.

The dramatic difference in arrests occurred despite the fact that during the chaos on Capitol Hill more officers from Washington were injured, resulting in five deaths, including one police officer.

Even with another 14 people arrested by the Capitol Police, a separate agency, the number of people arrested during Wednesday’s problems was less than a quarter of the number arrested on the first day alone. June was arrested by city officials.

Activists in Washington said they were shocked that the deadly attack on the heart of American democracy resulted in far fewer people in police custody than the clashes that broke out during the protests against law enforcement brutality.

It is so, so insulting for racial justice activists to draw attention to the black life lost, said Anthony Lorenzo Green, one of the activists leading the group Black Lives Matter DC. The way they decided to keep the Capitol was to let everyone go – they let these people back into our streets.

If the Black Lives Matter protesters had tried to enter the Capitol instead of the predominantly white pro-Tromp crowd, the Greens said we would have been tied up, dragged and shot, we would have died.

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Fewer arrests, more officers wounded

The difference in the number of arrests is particularly significant when one considers that more military police officers were injured this week. The ministry said 56 of his officers were injured in Wednesday’s riot. By comparison: In June, the ministry told the local news channel WUSA that within 10 days after 29 hours. May until the 7th. Officers were wounded on 21 June.

The then attorney general, William Barr, said that, counting the troops and federal agents deployed in the city, about 150 law enforcement officers in Washington were injured over a period of several days during the protests.

The attack on Capitol Hill was also more deadly than the summer demonstrations: Brian Siknick, a Capitol police officer, died Thursday night of injuries sustained in the line of duty while physically interacting with demonstrators, according to his department. Siknick’s death led to a federal murder investigation. Four people also died on Wednesday, including a woman shot dead by another officer of the Capitol and three others who suffered what the authorities called a medical emergency.

No law enforcement officer died in Washington in response to the protests and riots of the summer.

Of course, the summer demonstrations and riots outside the Capitol this week were very different events – last summer, for example, there were probably many more demonstrators spread across much of the city than on Wednesday.

Speaker of the Assembly, Kristen Metzger, said the authorities did not make any further arrests on Wednesday, partly because, unlike the summer demonstrations, no curfew had been announced in the city.

If we announce in advance (a curfew), we have enough resources to get people in vans and we are ready for mass arrests, Metzger told CNN. Because it happened so late, we were not prepared for such mass arrests until the curfew was set on the same day.

Metzger also pointed out that the Capitol falls under the jurisdiction of the American Capitol police and that the provincial police were only asked for help after the demonstrators had violated the security of the building.

At that point she was just in control and wanted out of Capitol Hill, she said.

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But Monica Hopkins, executive director of the ACLU DC, said she couldn’t believe the department wasn’t better prepared – especially since the pro-Trump figures had been openly planning their riots for weeks, and the MPD had just arrested the leader of the extreme right-wing Proud Boys group in DC a few days before the Capitol riots.

We’re a city that faces mass protests all the time, Hopkins said. For every police department in this city, it’s an incredible lie to say that they got off on the wrong foot or that they didn’t know what was going to happen.

Capitol Hill police officers did not respond to a request for comment, but said in a statement that the attack on the building was unprecedented and that the agency was reviewing its security plans. Stephen Sand, the head of the department, announced Thursday that he will retire next week.

There are likely to be more arrests in connection with the invasion of Capitol Hill. Michael Sherwin, the U.S. attorney in Washington, said Thursday that federal agents plan to investigate underwear images posted on social media and arrest those who identify them. Federal prosecutors have already indicted 15 people, Sherwin said.

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Capitol demonstrators are subject to lighter loads

So far, at least, there are notable differences in the seriousness of the charges against those arrested on Capitol Hill and those arrested during the summer demonstrations.

Most of those arrested on Wednesday were detained for violating curfew or entering illegally. D.C. police have arrested only one man on an accusation they specifically identified as a crime: a 39-year-old man accused of riots and offenses on Capitol Hill. His arrest does not necessarily represent all arrests of crimes made on Wednesday, as Washington police do not always include this information in their records. It is possible that as the prosecution’s investigation progresses, more and more people may be accused of a crime.

On the first day at least 29 people were killed. MPs showed that June had been arrested for crimes, most of them for burglary and disorderly conduct. Another night of Black Lives Matter events – the 14th. In August, when demonstrators sang the names of those killed by the local police before they hit the police, the police arrested at least 37 people accused of taking part in riots.

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office did not respond to requests for comments on the discrepancies between the arrests and the charges. Bowser criticized the federal response to the riots, noting at a press conference Wednesday that we saw a different attitude among federal officials toward the highly militarized response to the summer protests.

While many of the protesters who filled the streets during the protests against the death of George Floyd were peaceful, riots and looting also took place in late May and early June. Sporadic protests continued throughout the year – five days later, in 2020, Washington police made more than 20 arrests in connection with riots. Some of the arrests made in December seem to be related to another pro-Trump rally.

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President-elect Joe Biden focused on racial inequality in a speech Thursday and said: No one can tell me that if it was a Black Lives Matter group protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently from the gang of thugs that stormed Capitol Hill.

Police data also shows that those arrested during the Black Lives Matter protests were more local than those arrested this week, with most of them coming to the capital from other parts of the country.

According to the police, 94% of those arrested between the end of May and August were from the district of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia. Only 25% of those arrested on Wednesday or Thursday morning came from the same region.

Hopkins, executive director of the ACLU, said the unequal treatment of white supremacists entering our city and black demonstrators is a classic example of inconsistency in police work.

Events show that police reformers should not only be careful about what policemen do, she said, but also about when they decide to do something and when they decide not to do it.

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