College Football Playoff or not, Jimbo Fisher has built Texas A&M for success



Lors de sa première séance d’entraînement à Texas A&M, Jimbo Fisher a fait une déclaration sur les responsables et leurs attentes.

De dingen zijn niet meer wat ze vroeger waren. The fisherman barked. It won’t be the same.

At the end of Aggies’ third season, Fisher already proved his prediction on one point: The second part of the swooning that was a nightmare for A&M fans belongs to the past.

Led by Kevin Sumlin, A&M has been ranked in the top 10 by The Associated Press nine times in the game seven or later this season. The Aggies won 4-5 in the next games and lost five of their last six games before being deported at the end of the 2017 season.

That year, A&M beat No. 4 Florida in a 52-24 loss to Alabama to start a six-game winning streak. The holey defense that led to defeat tore the jaws of victory? This trend has also changed. The Aggies only allow 18.8 points per game in this period, which puts them second behind the Crimson Tide in the SEC.

The result: A&M is in unknown territory, on the 5th place in a regular season match and on the edge of a place in the university football play-offs.

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The Aggies did everything they could to be in that position. There won’t be much lobbying by Fisher, at least not until Saturday’s victory in Tennessee is assured.

When we are in a position to do so, we will make our own comments, Fisher said Monday. When we need an argument, we need an argument about how we play the game, not about what we say.

Still, Aggie’s in a better position. Four of the previous six teams that finished fifth in the conference championship were in the top four and made the play-offs.

Despite all these positive signals, Aggies fans have been known for years to feel uncomfortable. But this team has solved a lot of those nerves through physical transformation.

It’s a new kind of football, said Stephen McGee, a former Texas A&M quarterback who is now an analyst for We’re starting to see a lot of things that Jimbo brings to this program – the ability to lead football. They’re starting to see these recruitment classes coming together. And you can start by seeing the big picture.

These are things that a lot of Aggie fans think this team is really different.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Texas A&M defender Isaiah Spiller and the rest of the Aggies backfield have had a lot of help from the team’s offensive line this season. The team has an average of 5.5 yards per hour with only four bags on the line this season. John Reed/USA Sports

The main reason is that the bodies are on both lines. Fisher’s recruiting skills have paid off with stars like Kenyon Green, who immediately qualified for the Outland Trophy semifinals after being named best offensive player in the 2018 recruiting class by ESPN. DeMarvin Leal, the No. 8 guard in this class, has been a huge disrupter on the D-line this season. For the first time since A&M joined the SEC in 2012, the Aggies are ranked second in the league in terms of admissible playgrounds per game and running playgrounds per game.

Results : Although the Aggies don’t show impressive numbers, they absolutely dominate the front line and become the old school SEC team for which this competition was once known.

The sophomore guard Isaiah Spiller has an average of 112.1 yards per game and A&M leads the SEC in terms of yards per run (5.5) and possession time. The Aggies are also in fourth place in the country in terms of the number of bags per attempted passage. They have only allowed four bags the whole season and have played five games in a row without surrendering a single bag. Higher quarterback Kellen Mond’s ability to hit and defend the ball allowed Texas A&M to convert 55% of its third losses, earning it third place nationwide.

At the beginning of the season, the offensive line was considered a question mark. Instead, it’s become a team effort. A&M’s five starters – Carson Green, Kenyon Green, Jared Hawker, Ryan McCollum and Dan Moore Jr. – started all eight races. They played together for 523 of the team’s 547 offensive strikes. They ran the ball from the second quarter of the opening season against Vanderbilt until the LSU game on the 28th. The month of November has not disappeared, 24 quarters – or 201 attempts to continue.

Kenyon Green said that the confidence that the group has established has allowed the linesmen to continue with what they like to do: Pushing his opponents.

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We impose our will on every team we play, he said. So they feel it every time they play. Going out and dominating is the key. Dominate and make sure Monday is not affected. When you get to work and feel that you are doing what you want, ask [Fisher] if you can keep the ball rolling. I’ll shove it down their throats.

The Aggies’ 31-20 victory over Auburn is the latest example: 47 carries, 313 yards, an average of 6.7 yards per carry against a team that allowed 162.4 yards per match.

According to Mouth, in addition to Spiller, the presence of the versatile Einias Smith (223 meters in flight, 410 meters on landing) and the emergence of true newcomer Devon Achan (224 meters in six games, 99 meters against Auburn) allow the Aggies to play multiple combinations and shape any game, regardless of the player.

You’ve seen it in the Florida game and other big games where we got left behind and weren’t afraid to run the ball seven times in a row, he said Monday. It’s a mentality. It’s not easy. It’s definitely something you have to work and train for.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Texas A&M has also shown perseverance in defense. With attacking lineman DeMarvin Leal in the group, the Aggies dropped 100.8 meters per game; and they held SEC opponents such as the LSU, South Carolina and Mississippi State to 50 meters or less on the ground. Rogelio V. Solis/AP picture

Training is something A&M players have called since the arrival of Fisher, indicating the exhausting summer training and intensive training. The fisherman said it was intentional because SEC West has the best football league and the best players.

Mr. Fischer said we’d do our best. Our players always say that training is harder than playing, and that’s what we want. We’ll crush them.

Those stars Fisher landed when he was recruiting make each other better.

We train every day as if it’s a game, says Leal, who says the first-team players compete against each other. If we’re okay, it’s like a complete game.

Lil and Kenyon Green say that competing against the best gives them a healthy respect for what their opponents encounter.

Kenyon Green, man… Shit, Leal said Monday. This man is hard to miss. It’s very destructive.

The beast, the green echo of Leal. He can play anything. He can play on the D-End, on the inside. It’s so fast to be so big, it’s crazy. He wants to be in the back field every game. If you want to know more about it, ask yourself what you need to know about the future.

The eagerness and a deep and talented line of defense cut the teeth of a sloppy defense that only allows 100.8 yards per game and places it in the top 10 of the country. A&M held three teams – South Carolina, Mississippi State and LSU – within 50 meters of the race. Against the passing, the Aggies generated pressure on 33.4% of their drops (third in the SEC), although they used five or more special teams on just 12% of those matches (second in the conference).

The results gave those who helped A&M’s engineers reason to believe in a similar future under Fisher’s plan.

What’s more important to A&M now than last year is the strength of the football team, said former coach Jackie Sherrill, who has won three consecutive congressional titles since his fourth season at the University Post. You have to be an adult to win, because the older players control the dressing rooms. Take, for example, Isaiah Spiller, who is much better today than last year. It’s maturity, it’s hardness.

A former Sherrill quarterback who helped the Aggies finish in the top 10 in the freshman year 1987 agrees.

That’s what Jimbo wants to do, Bucky Richardson said. He likes to record your will. They have the ability to run the ball if necessary. And Kellen Mouth plays the best football of his career. He plays clean, doesn’t pass the ball. Dude, if you have that combination, you’re hard to beat.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kellen Mond, quarterback for TeamTexas A&M, explains that it’s the versatility of the Aggies’ game that makes it so effective. Even though Texas A&M is behind, we’re not afraid to run the ball seven times in a row, he said. Butch Dill/AP Photo

With a victory over Tennessee, A&M is in a position to secure one of the four finalist places. But it is certain that the season is already historic.

The victory over Florida ended a ninth game, beating the top five AP teams in a row. This is the first time since 2002 that the Aggies win at home against a top five team. From 2011 to 2016 A&M finished six times in the top 10 during the regular season. He didn’t score any points in four of those seasons and finished once in 18th place. In Johnny Manziel’s 2012 season the Aggies finished 5th, which is only their fourth top 10 in the last 30 years.

No Heisman candidate or generational talent is in charge of the team this year. That’s why it’s so different this season when you look at A&M from a historical perspective.

What does this football team good is so repetitive, McGee said. They do not require exceptional performance by one or two players.

In public, Fisher’s not ready to give a campaign speech for a playoff spot. He thinks the committee has its own method, and he doesn’t shake it much.

Every lobby becomes a good social network, Fisher said. I don’t know how it really works if you start working on it right away.

But Sherrill, never short of words, remembered one of Aggie’s favorite mantras of his time.

It’s better to lick now while we can, Sherrill said after a 47-9 loss to SMU in 1982, “because we’re going to be great.

Now, like Fisher, he thinks things won’t be the same for the A&M program after this season.

I think they’re leaking, Mr. Sherrill said, and they’re giving them back.

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