The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Central Chapter has a plan to bring educational athletics back to the weekend, but still does not have a direct return method.

Just so you know, we have not received any updates from the County Health Department at this time regarding practices, competitions, levels, etc., the Central Division Commissioner Ryan Tos said in an email to track and field directors. At this stage the practice with the cohort can take place as long as there is social distance. In any case, contact your province and district, as local authorities may be stricter.

They pointed out that one of the clarifications the central department has received is that as long as a particular district has the Home Rule, no competition is allowed under the CPHRC rules, but that the practice can continue as long as the Home Rule is in force.

Below is a proposal for an updated return schedule for the Central Athletics Section:

Everyone in California wants students to resume their personal activities, sports, and all other extracurricular activities that are so important to their physical and mental well-being. As the rate of transmission of COVID-19 is increasing dramatically in California, communities across the state must continue to take steps to limit the spread of the virus. Therefore, we ask ALL Californians to wear a mask, be socially distant, limit domestic blending, and follow all basic hygiene measures. In this way, the CIF contest can start before the 25th anniversary, if possible, as allowed by the California Department of Public Health guidelines. Public authorities will continue to monitor epidemiological trends. The following information does not provide an indication of the full extent of the FRA’s lead. Bitte folgen Sie dem Link met dem Titel CDPH Youth Sports Handbook auf der nechste Seite des gesamten Dokuments.

– Corporal training, training, training, development of fertility bikes and drills can be carried out in freienne with a corporeal distance of 6 FTEs and internally stable team members and remain unaffected by occupational status. These activities can be carried out in the gymnasium after the gymnasium and the fitness centre have been completed. In rural areas which are subject to the Regional Stay at Home Ordinance, only such activities are eligible for the rural district status that comply with the terms of the Ordinance.

– Wettkämpfe, Begegnungen, Rennen oder ähnliche Veranstaltungen sind nur erlaubt, wenn (a) both Mannschaften in selben Distrikt sind and die Sportart erlaubt is erlaubt, or (b) the Mannschaften sind in direct aangrenzenden Distrikten sind and die Sportart in beide Distrikten erlaubt is.

– The state is not currently known.

– The occupations described in this document are for standorte/Regions in which teams, schools and individuals are active (e.g. where the players are located, where the equipment is located, e.g.).

– Turniers or change hands with more than two teams are not currently approved in Kalifornien. We have been able to achieve this by setting up a number of sports clubs for the development of sports events and we have also been able to support the sports clubs themselves in the best possible way: Leichtathletik, Cross-country skiing, Golf, Skifahren and Snowboarding, Tennis and Schwimmen/Tauchen.

Schools must continue to comply with all the guidelines of their Bezirks and their Bezirks- or Privat-/Parochialschulvorstands.

This document does not contain any medical or legal documentation. Schulen und Schulbezirke should be supported by their local administrative bodies and their own legal status.


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