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Chicago Cubs make Kyle Schwarber a free agent, tender contract to Kris Bryant and others



Chicago — Chicago hero Kyle Schwarber became the team’s free agent Wednesday after six seasons. It was signed by Kris Bryant for the Chicago 2016 MVP National League bid, along with Javier Baez and Willson Contreras, who became his free agent on Wednesday.

Not surprisingly, the Cubs’ new president, Jed Heuer, spoke about blacks in a video conversation with reporters on Wednesday night. He was disappointed. All matches will do it.

Schwarber, 27, was in his final year of mediation, but the team let him go instead of paying him about $8-9 million the next season. But the Cubs haven’t ruled out coming back with a smaller contract.

We’ll definitely keep the door open, Mr. Hoyer said. We keep talking about getting him back. … We had a good talk. He’s a Cubs legend. No questions asked.

Schwarbert scored .230 with 121 homeruns in 551 regular season games, but will be remembered for his playoffs where he collected .981 OPS in 24 games.

In five games as the Hitcher Cub in the World Series of 2016, which Chicago won in seven games against the Cleveland Indians, he got .412. After missing every game of the 2016 regular season – and the subsequent playoffs – due to a knee injury, Schwarber returned to the World Series as a star player.

Manager Joe Maddon made it the Cubs’ biggest hit the following year, after Dexter Fowler called in a free agency. In this role Schwarber failed with a percentage of 0.190 .312 before spending time as a minor.

In 2018 and 2019, he recovered with 64 home runs, but his shortened 2020 season didn’t go well. Schwarber made only .188 on 11 homeruns in 59 games.

The Cubs also said goodbye to another pillar from 2016, Albert Almora Jr. And although it was proposed to postpone Bryant until next season, he was offered a contract for 2021 that would bring him almost $20 million.

In addition to Baez and Contreras, the Cubs have also signed contracts to catch Victor Karatini and outfielder Ian Happ. These players will work with Bryant to either reach an agreement for a year or more, or go to an arbitration hearing in February to determine their pay.

The Cubs have agreed to the terms of 2021 with pitchers Colin Rea ($702,500), Dan Winkler ($900,000) and Kyle Ryan, who have signed a shared contract that allows him to receive $800,000 to play in the best team in the league.

With no fans at Wrigley Field, the Cubs reported losing $125-140 million in 2020. Front office and baseball staff were fired as part of a series of cost-cutting transitions, which involved salary cuts in the off-season and a transition to offensive actions. The most important group of players who won the World Series 2016 could be seen collectively.

Black liberation is the first important indicator, both for salary and turnover. And this is the first big decision under Hoyer’s supervision after Theo Epstein resigned with the remaining year for the deal.

Schwarber selected the Cubs in the first round, fourth in the 2014 draft, after attending Indiana University.

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