Boston Dynamics created a team of dancing robots to stage them – but this achievement isn’t as famous as Boston Dynamics could have hoped. Because while many people are excited about this progress in robotics, many others have new reasons to worry about a Terminator-like roboopocalypse. As you can see in the video below, Boston Dynamics has successfully integrated complete sets of dance moves into its three revolutionary robots – the humanoid Atlas, Blur the robot-dog and Handle the boxing handle – following the company’s previous success when Blur performed the Running Man from Bruno Mars’ 2018 movie Uptown Funk.

As you can see in the video, Atlas, Spot and Handle not only demonstrate a series of different dance movements, but actually perform a coordinated dance routine while interacting as if they were a live dance company. It’s pretty amazing and pretty scary when you’re someone who’s afraid of the kind of techno apocalypse James Cameron came up with for the Terminator franchise. Once the robots can dance, how long will it take them to take over?

This is what the social media has to say about it:

Boston DynamicsDancing Robot Video

Watching these robots hit the perfect rhythm in the Do You Love Me circuit is truly a mixture of fascinating and disconcerting. When you see Spot’s faceless jaws singing the song, it looks like Black Mirror did a karaoke episode. Terminator equations are not far away: If robots can do synchronized dance routines, then battle maneuvers are in, right?


Terminator is now a real

The Terminator is now a reality

– Show Seri Anthraxxx (@anthraxxx) 30. December 2020

Many people can’t help but connect the same points as we do: If you can dance, you can kill. The Terminator is real.


Next film

A teaser for the next Terminator movie.

– Random (@RandomISHRandom) 30. December 2020

It’s just a joke, but it would be nice if the next Terminator movie had such a viral marketing approach.


They will return.

My sister sent me this video from Boston Dynamics this morning to tell me she was both surprised and terrified. I agree with this description, because if a robot can squirm better than most, it’s Terminator, Doomsday
They come back…#robotics #terminator

– Sneeuwberg (@sasysquatchgirl) 30 December 2020

Remember that Cyberdyne Systems activated Skynet for a completely different purpose before the machine went down. Did Boston Dynamics just activate a similar switch? We know when the cars arrive.


How it works.

That’s how Terminator shit happens.

– Chris Z (@TwinNuclei) 30. December 2020

He may be the greatest philosopher of his time, with that quote.


I love technological development. But we have to set a limit somewhere, otherwise the Matrix, the Terminator and the company will be a reality at the end of the decade. The AI must be kept under control. The incident on Facebook could be repeated several times.

– Vedang Deodhar (@vedangdeodhar) 30 December 2020

I mean, somebody should probably ask if we want to go that far with technology, right? Probably a good question at the end of the year 2020? Really?


What does a franchise need?

This new prequel for Terminator goes to

– Steve Hall (@being_steve) 30 December 2020.

Seriously: Maybe that’s what the Terminator needs? A slow-motion story about advanced robots and how A.I. becomes sensitive and debauched in the face of the madness of time-killing robots? He worked for Planet of the Apes…


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