Donald Trump has denied migrants entry to the United States and Joe Biden has opened the doors for them. However, this has created a strange situation. Masses of asylum seekers, including many unaccompanied children, have flooded the Biden administration.

Republic World reports that the national security official, Alejandro Mayorcas, on 21. March sent a message to migrants that the border was closed. He advises asylum seekers against coming to the United States even though the pandemic continues to make the news. He pointed out the dangers and assured that the authorities were drawing up plans to deal with the problem of endangered children.

Speaking to the media, he blamed the previous Trump administration for the migration crisis. During his tenure, Trump decided to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep illegal migrants out of the country. According to him, they are a threat to the country because they have a criminal mind. Shortly after taking office, however, Joe Biden hit the pause button for the border wall.

Alejandro Mayorcas of Republic World acknowledges that the situation is very complex and requires a cautious approach.

He doesn’t want migrants coming to the southern border. He also added that the administration is returning migrants across the border, but this does not apply to young and vulnerable children. Thanks to President Joe Biden’s new policies, asylum seekers have been flocking to Tijuana.

Review of Joe Biden

The 22nd. March, President Joe Biden was interviewed by ABC News.

At that point he said his message was to migrants: I’m not going. He also asked them not to leave their usual place of residence. Republic World added that many unaccompanied youth and children had crossed the border and entered America. They may have their reasons. They probably wanted to escape a world of poverty, escape violence or seek a better life abroad.

Whatever the reasons, this has created a problem for the administration. The president was then criticized.

Joe Biden faces a humanitarian and political challenge

The U.S. president plans to visit the U.S.-Mexico border. He wants to familiarize himself with the facilities at the border. Migrants pose a major challenge because of the humanitarian problems they bring with them. This is particularly true for unaccompanied children who continue to arrive at the border. Their welfare is an issue that needs to be addressed. This includes adequate housing for them, as well as the need for food, medicine, etc. Republic World reports that officials in the Biden administration are blaming the previous administration for the situation. He describes it as the result of a weakened immigration system.

The Biden administration has denied Trump’s admission of migrants.

Immigration is another issue Joe Biden needs to address.

According to CNN, President Joe Biden has advised potential migrants against coming to America. Speaking to the media, he said: I can make it very clear: Don’t come. He stressed that asylum seekers should stay in their homes and communities. The number of children with an immigration background is quite high. This puts a heavy strain on resources. Those who travel to the United States believe that the new administration will be more accommodating and will not adopt the rigid attitude of the previous administration. The border wall proposed by Trump was an ambitious plan to prevent bad people from entering the United States illegally.

Nevertheless, drug dealers have become resourceful and breached parts of the wall.

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