The Wilds ended on a dangerous note, providing almost no answers to the mysteries they discovered throughout the season. From the beginning, the Amazon Prime series revealed that the girls had left the island, but everything that happened remained a mystery.

Wilds’ final explanation season 1!

YA thriller follows a group of girls left behind in a remote area by a plane crash. Everything that happens on the island is a memory, because the girls are now held in a fortress, completely isolated from the others. Each describes the events that took place on the island after the two men had questioned him.

Wild’s season 1 finale shows their last day on the island; the girls are always closely followed at dawn by Gretchen and everyone else. After a period of deep disbelief, Leah admits that she was right all along and that Nora was the person who had something to do with her accident. In their final scene on the island, Rachel is attacked by a shark and clarifies her missing arm during cross-examination. What happened between the shark attack and his rescue is a mystery. Now that the first season is over, let’s look at some theories about the second season of The Wilds.

How can the dawn of Adam come about?

Eve’s dawn has gone awry, as it does when Agent Jeanette bites the dust. Leah begins to realize that something is going on in the background, and the girls find themselves in all sorts of dangerous circumstances that the investigation team hadn’t anticipated.

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Anyway, how does Adam’s Twilight develop? People are likely to act with more energy than girls, which may lead to them needing a rescue first. Besides, we think someone is wondering what’s going on here anyway, like Leah did. One or two operators can also pass efficiently, which is devastating for explorers.

Did Rachel lose her arm in a shark attack?

When we met Rachel, we discovered she had lost one of her arms. For the rest of the period, we will consider how this will be done. In the final scene, however, we see her lying on her back in the sea, unaware that a shark is nearby – until her body jumps into the water and spurts out blood. We think Rachel lost an arm in a shark attack, but we’re not sure.

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Martha and Nora are dead?

In the first season of The Wilds, we see all the girls, except Martha and Nora, get together. I can’t resist the urge to fret: Are they going to say they’re dead? Gretchen and Dean go through Martha’s belongings and insist that her family will sue her, which could mean crossing the island or after. Maybe she’s coming for a shark, thirsty, hungry or something else.

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Also: What can you say about Nora? Overall, Leah is devastated that not only is she a cop and lying about it, but that she has led her into a deep hole. I doubt the girl killed him, but the Wilds can have anything. Knowing what Nora would do for Rachel, she can refrain from trying to save Rachel, who unfortunately but fortunately says she can feel Nora’s hand anyway. However, if Nora is still alive, it is likely that she has not been met at this time, as it was a staff member who contacted investigators during her experience on the island.

Are we going to learn more about how to save girls?

The moment the plane flies over the island, the girls think they are protected. However, Gretchen later revealed to her colleagues that she was concerned enough not to say a word about the pilot. We see the girls on the island some time later, and we see them at the fort, but not the rescue in the middle.

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One can assume that investigators are saving girls after a shark attack, especially when another young woman bites the dust while trying to save Rachel. All things considered: The fewer subjects researchers have, the less research they can do. But I could also imagine the girls staying on the island longer than 23 days; Gretchen might need it a strong month, as we understand how important time on the island is to her.

The girls also seem to have little information about what is really going on, especially since Daniel makes them feel like they can transfer guilt and shame. Ideally, Leah and Shelby can share what they have learned with the other girls.

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frequently asked questions

Is Martha dying in the wild?

Wilda’s episode foreshadows Martha’s death and ends with agents searching through her belongings, looking for something substantial to ensure Gretchen won’t sue Martha’s family. That means Martha died between the shark attack on Rachel and the rescue of the girls on the island.

What happens to Martha in the desert?

The episode ends with agents searching through her belongings looking for something substantial to make sure Gretchen isn’t being haunted by Martha’s family. This clearly implies that Martha Blackburn must have died at some point between Rachel’s attack by the sharks and the rescue of the island girls.

How did Nora’s friend die in the desert?

When the connection between Nora (Helena Howard) and Gretchen is revealed in the final episode – Nora’s boyfriend was killed by Gretchen’s son during a sorority hazing – everything becomes clear.

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