The new AP Top 25 university football research has come to an end, and Alabama remains unanimous number one, behind the Crimson Tide are Notre Dame and Ohio. This is done for each team in the rankings.

Number 1 Alabama (9-0)

It’s hard to say how well Steve Sarkisian is handling this crime now. Mac Jones is a favorite for the Heisman Trophy, and now DeVonte Smith is for the votes. And of course, Naji Harris is probably the best runner in college football. But the unsung hero is the line of attack. He is tall and physical, and he has to take home the Joe Moore Award for all the large open spaces and clean bags he provides. That opens up the whole game plan for Sarkisian, which is what makes this Alabama team so dangerous. — Alex Scarborough

Number 2 Notre Dame (10-0)

The Irish had already played before Saturday’s game against Syracuse in the CCA Championship, so it’s no wonder they got a bit flat. However, it is remarkable that everything gained momentum as soon as Notre Dame hit the gas. Three TDs in the last four minutes of the first half showed the power of the ball on both sides and reminded us once again that there is no guarantee that the healthier Clemenson will win the return leg of the championship. Maybe even more important: Notre Dame has every reason to go to the playoffs, regardless of the outcome of the CCA-championship – David M. Hale – without being distracted.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 3 Ohio State (5-0)

The Buckeyes returned to the field and played very well in Michigan, especially without four starters, including three ahead, and four staff coaches, including head coach Ryan Day. Although the day resumes on Monday and awaits the return of some players, Ohio must wait to see if the Michigan archivist will resume after his own COVID 19 outbreak. If Michigan can’t play, Ohio may meet or sit down with another Big Ten opponent, which could cause the athletic directors of the Big Ten to reconsider the requirement of six games for a league championship. There’s no doubt Ohio is a conference class led by quarterback Justin Fields. If you’re going to be head coach for a day, you want Justin Fields with you, said current head coach Larry Johnson after Saturday’s victory. — Adam Rittenberg

4 Clemson (9-1)

The Tigers have played so many CCA championships in a row that the day they didn’t make it would be a really amazing story. In the meantime, we will continue to talk about another achievement that connects them to the most consistent performance in the history of the FBS at the conference championships with Northern Illinois (2010-15) and Marshall (1997-02). However, unlike any other season, the Tigers have an opening date for Notre Dame in Charlotte, North Carolina on the 19th day of the season. December. Coach Dabo Sweeney said he would be treated like any other open meeting, but noted that time is being wasted because the players have the final next week. – Andrea Adelson

Number 5 Texas A&M (7-1)

The Aggi lost to Auburn in three games, and they looked like a solid physical team that Jimbo Fischer had been hoping to prepare for the SEC since his arrival at College Station. Devon Achan also worked on the running backspin and added 99 yards to Isaiah Spiller’s 120 yards. The Aggies did everything they could to stay in the middle of qualifying and master their toughest test after the defeat of Tuscaloosa in week 2. By staying in Ole Miss and Tennessee, A&M will now benefit from it. — Dave Wilson

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

Number 6 Florida (8-1)

Despite the fact that the Gators have earned a spot in the SEC championship game against Alabama, there are still a few points they need to improve in next weekend’s reshuffled game with the LSU if they are to have a chance against Crimson Tide. Number 1 is a racing game barely made to beat Tennessee. Position 2 was a passing defense, which weakened late in the game against the Wolves and gave up too many easy games in the fourth quarter. The LSU is a fighting team, so this is a chance to really prove yourself before you go to Atlanta. — Adelson

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 7 Cincinnati (8-0)

Luke Fickell’s team had another week off and now has two weeks to prepare for Tulsa, which improved to 6-1 after a 19-6 victory over the fleet on Saturday. Tulsa’s only defeat came in Oklahoma in the first week of the season and was one of the best in a group of five schools in the district. But with Cincinnati playing well, the Golden Hurricane has to deliver its best to piss off the bear cats. — Harry Liles, Jr.

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

8 Indiana (6-1)

Tom Allen was caught up by his players after the Indians defeated Wisconsin 14-6 on Saturday in a post-game interview. It was the Hoosiers’ first game without Michael Penix Jr.’s QB, but Jack Tuttle proved his ability to lead the offense and the defense, which was difficult throughout the season, continued his efforts. The next step is Purdue, which shouldn’t be a problem for Hoosier rentals. — Lyle is

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

9 Miami (8-1)

Of course the Hurricanes won’t compete in the CCA-championship anymore, but they already have their match against North Carolina next weekend. There can not be bet on the online championship, but it is a game that means something to Miami. Last year’s loss of 28-25 continues because of the way the players lost – in the last second of the touchdown they went down 2-0 to start the season. Remember the game a year ago that left a bad taste in our mouth, said coach Manny Diaz. Our players will be very interested to see North Carolina come to our stadium. Don’t doubt it. — Adelson

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 10 State of Iowa (8-2)

It was the Hurricanes. For the first time in the history of the program they will attend the Big 12 championship match. They will also be alone at the top of the Big 12 tournament table, another first in the program. And they have an extra week to prepare – Saturday was their 10th and last regular season game, so next week they will play an extra week for the return game against Oklahoma on the 19th. Departure in December. — Sam Khan Jr.

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

11 Coast Carolina (9-0)

The Chanticleers are one of only two university football teams that have won 10 times, and this year’s victory was not only the most impressive, but also the biggest in the history of the school. Nothing in Coastal Carolina’s victory at BUU prevented coach Jamie Chadwell’s team from becoming one of the best stories of the 2020 college football season. — Bonagura

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 12 Georgia (6-2)

The postponement of Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt was terrible. The Bulldogs wanted to win back and JT Daniels was pretty good as quarterback. Now they have to wait again and start preparing for the team in Missouri, which has silently become one of the most difficult programs to prepare for the conference. The Tigers have won four of the last five games, with coach Eli Drinkwitz pulling all cylinders on the offense, while debutant Connor Baselak is under a year old and Larry Rowntree III is back in a race. — Scarborough

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No. 13 Oklahoma (7-2)

Soon people will have conquered the pier in a Big 12 championship match and will be looking for their sixth straight Big 12 title if they win the title on day 19 of the tournament. December in Iowa. But first, Skoroporotyan still has a regular season game on Saturday in West Virginia. Lincoln Riley said that despite the delay, the authors do not intend to withdraw from the regular season finale, although that has nothing to do with their conference status. — Khan

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

#14 BYU (9-1)

Despite the fact that BYU moved up to the top 10 with a 9-0 record, Saturday’s game against Coastal Carolina remained a mystery about how badly organized the program was. The circumstances were unique: the Puma’s only discovered the match halfway through the week, but at least they took their best chance to get what they deserve to be considered one of the best student football teams this year. If they hadn’t planned the game, the Panthers would probably have ended up in the Fiesta Bowl. Right now? New Year’s Eve six are about to go off the table. — Bonagura

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

15 Northwest (5-1)

It was a big Saturday for the Wildcats. They won the Big Ten title in the West and a place in the conference championship with… a week after their weekend game was canceled due to the exit of COVID-19 in Minnesota. Their opponent will probably be the state of Ohio, waiting for the Big Ten to discuss the demands of the game, as the Buckeyes have cancelled two championship games. This week, the Wildcats met the Illinois team they defeated in the last five games. — Wilson.

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 16 USC (3-0)

On Sunday night, the Trojans will play soccer for the Trojans receiving Washington State in a game that has been postponed for COWID-19 reasons. They are competing as conference favorites, but the last two teams in that position – Washington and Oregon – have lost. After the game against Wazzu, USC focuses on the rivalry with UCLA. — Bonagura

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 17 Louisiana (9-1)

The Ragin’ Cajuns defeated App State for the first time last week and immediately moved on to their biggest challenge of the season: a return game for the Sun Belt title against Coastal Carolina. The blackmailers won a big victory over the BYU and established themselves as one of the best teams in the country. Louisiana lost 30-27 in the last game between the two teams and we can expect another competitive game in one of the best seasons Sunbelt has ever had. — Lyle is

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

18 Tulsa (6-1)

Golden Hurricane gets two shots in Cincinnati and with that the opportunity to play the Six Bowls in the end. After the victory of the fleet on Saturday, Tulsa took a spot in the American championship game against the Bearcats, but they have to face Cincinnati first next week. There are several bets for next week’s game: The winner gets the right to keep the title set. — Khan

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

19 Iowa (5-2)

The Hawks aren’t fighting for a spot in the Big Ten (the Northwest was captured early Saturday, announced the conference), but they were able to finish the regular season with a good result when they host next week in Wisconsin. After losing five points to Purdue and Northwestern at the start of the season, Hawkeyes has won five straight with the last 14 points going to Illinois. — Khan

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No. 20 North Carolina (7-3)

Things with Miami can get big next week in September. It’s still for both teams, but in the CCA championship game, which has already been set up against Clemson and Notre Dame, it won’t leave a dent. However, North Carolina, which have emerged as the undisputed No. 3 of two potential play-off teams, have a number of advantages. The heels didn’t hold up against the Irish and let two smaller teams take the lead, which could be a disappointing story for the 2020 season. But a victory against Miami will erase many of the acute flavors, and the Sam Howell and Hills Blast game against the great Miami Dee will probably remain one of the best CCA games of the season. — Hale

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 21 Colorado (4-0)
What do you think of this strange turn in 2020? Colorado could end the season as the only unbeaten team in the Pac 12, but they haven’t won the conference yet. If Colorado and the SOC win, the SOC will hold a tiebreak and go to the competition with the name of the conference. Then, if the Trojans lose and Colorado continues to win, the Buffs will be the only team in the league that hasn’t lost. -Bonagura

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

22 Freedom (9-1)

With several quartet players and coaches, including star quarterback Malik Willis, it would be difficult to play against the invincible Coastal Carolina on Saturday. Instead, the game was cancelled and Liberty’s regular season ended. With the 9-1 team, Hugh Freeze has no choice but to wait and hope that the other teams fall, so that the flame can take off in the standings and provide a noisier game of bocce. — Scarborough

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

23 Texas (6-3)

There are rumors about the professional status of coach Tom Hermann, but the Longhorns were not thrown through on the field and made 608 total offensive yards for a 69-31 run through the Kansas area. Texas ends the season in Kansas on Saturday, and while there is probably no doubt about the results, the bigger question is who will be on the sidelines next year. Will Herman get an extension? Can Texas Urban Mayer get out of retirement? These few weeks in Austin are gonna be interesting.

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 24 Buffalo (4-0)

Buffalo versus Ohio was cancelled this weekend, but that gave the bulls an extra week to enjoy their epic 70-41 triumph over Kent a week earlier when Jareth Patterson ran for just 409 yards and eight (!) touchdowns. If you want to see Patterson again, Buffalo will have to play Saturday against Akron, who just cancelled game 21, the losing game.

AP Top 25 college football poll reaction

25 Wisconsin (2-2)

The Badgers had a tough season. They had cancelled three games due to the coronavirus, a 17-7 loss from the northwest and now a small loss (14-6) to Indiana on Saturday. Hoosier’s defense never let the badgers get involved in the attack and forced Wisconsin to make a few coup attempts. They were lucky to be late, but Indiana played a big role when Badgers entered the red zone to make a deal. — Lyle is

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