Adjectives for Kids, Types, List, Worksheet, pdf – an introduction to adjectives for kids of various ages. The book is filled with colorful illustrations that help the kids understand how to make comparisons between people, things, and events.

Children are extremely careful about what they say to their parents, teachers, and other adults. Parents, in turn, sometimes have their suspicions about the words their children are saying. You may have heard the expression “swearing up a blue streak”. Children often use many colorful words, which may get parents worried that they are swearing.

Here we define adjectives for children/toddlers. Definition: An adjective is a word used to add something to the meaning of a noun or pronoun. What is an adjective? An adjective is a descriptive word. It tells us about the name that qualifies it. adjectivism

  1. A tall boy met a girl. (big boy)
  2. The boy met a tall girl. (girl on top)
  3. Janvie is a beautiful girl.
  4. I don’t have many friends.
  5. Akbar was a great king.

alt=children-offers width=300 height=169 data-attachment-id=2362 data-permalink= data-orig-file= data-orig-size=560,315 data-comments-opened=1 data-image-meta={ data-image-title=children-offers data-image-description= data-medium-file= data-large-file= data-recalc-dims=1 data-ez= data-ezsrc=–.jpg /> In sentence 3, beautiful is an adjective that describes the noun girl. Similarly, in the fourth sentence, much is an adjective.

List of adjectives for children

The list of adjectives for children is divided into 4 parts: Shape, size, feel, taste. Form

triangular around thin
Location direct around
around Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for Apartment
oval thin hollow


small Sync by honeybunny top
small language Skinny
large site Giant massif
large huge chubby


solid tights coarse
sweet Scratch called
shaggy spicy thin
dirty dry tights


Fruit fade spicy
sweet Delicious Amer
acid cake spicy
Delicious Salt posted

We will look at other examples in another article. Types of adjectives for children Here we have 7 types of adjectives.

  1. The qualitative adjective : Specifies the quality, e.g. B. big, old, fat, etc. Example. He’s a big boy.
  2. The quantitative adjective : Indicates the quantity of something, for example. B. something, little, enough, etc. Example: – I have money.
  3. Number adjective: Indicates the number of the item, etc. Example – One, two, all, many, some, second, two, each, every, etc.
  4. Indicative adjective: Denotes a noun that has the meaning of like, like, like, etc. Example. These books are new.
  5. Negative adjectives: Used to ask questions such as. B. what, which, whose, etc.? Example. Whose bag is this?
  6. Possessive adjectives: Indicates the relationship between something and someone, for example. B. his, my, their, etc. Example. This is my dress.
  7. Proper adjectives: Is formed with proper names, e.g. B. Christian, American, Punjabi, etc. Example – He is a resident of the United States.

Adjective equation

There are three levels of comparison, study the following table.

Positive Comparison value Superior
small less smallest
large site more the biggest
sweet sweet softest
Chance happy happiest
ugly ugly ugliest
useful healthier cheapest
unwise daredevil most careless
nice nice nicest
OK best best

Exercising with adjectives/children’s workbook


Every Sunday there is an animal column in the paper, known as Pet Pals. The animals are available for immediate and free adoption by caring families. Oopsie: Cute and cuddly puppy, needs a home Pongo: Snow white newborn female puppy needs a loving home. Sherry: This strong and resilient two year old black and white female is available for adoption from farms. Immy: Playful, athletic with beautiful eyes, needs a loving home. Contact : Ma’am. Purnima Tulsidas, 16, Wood Street, Kolkata.

Exercise 2

Write down all the words that describe pets.

Group– A Group– B
The name of the animal Descriptive words

In the above exercise, all the words in group B are adjectives. For example, handsome, cute, beautiful, white, strong, etc.

Exercise 3

Fill in the blanks with the descriptive words used above.

  1. Steel – _____, but gold is expensive.
  2. My sister has short hair and I have _____.
  3. The lawyer is wearing a jacket _____ and a white shirt.
  4. Tom is sick, but John is the boy _____.
  5. My puppy Tobby has a coat _____ and my kitten’s coat is rough and dull.

Exercise 4

Your friend recently went to a circus show. She writes a letter to her brother describing the show. She forgot to add adjectives. Help her finish her letter. Dear Charu. Yesterday I went to a circus show with _____ my classmates. We saw a clown _____ dressed in a colorful dress and _____. The monkey _____ rode a bicycle. The bear _____ danced. Elephant _____, _____ played soccer with _____. Lion _____ jumps through the ring of fire. I really liked the snow. With love. Abha

Exercise 5

Decode the words and write them in the boxes below.

  1. Each child received a gift _____. (xpeseneiv)
  2. Woolmer was a man _____ (tsorng)
  3. Singapore is a tourist destination _____ (afmuos)
  4. Some of these children are _____. Ghtynau.
  5. This room is decorated by my daughter _____. baeutiulf.

The words in brackets are mixed up. Write the correct words in the empty boxes.

  1. There’s an elephant in the zoo _____ (hiwte)
  2. It is the day of _____. {nsuny, irbhtg.)
  3. The Red Fortress is _____ a building made of _____ stone. (osufma, the)
  4. My dad gave me a bike for my birthday _____ and a watch _____. (wne, ovelly)
  5. The Atlantic is _____ and _____ the ocean. pede, arlge]

All the words you wrote are adjectives because they say something about the nouns that go with them.

Exercise 6

Pair the adjectives in column A with the nouns in column B and write them down below.

1. Happy, short, lean. Courts
Expensive, great, interesting. Clown
Beautiful, exciting, dangerous. the book
green, fresh, long Travel
beloved, delightful, attractive. Grass

Adjectives for children PDF

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