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  • A.J. Brown, Corey Davis perfect complements to Titans’ run-heavy offense – Tennessee Titans Blog

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Nashville, Tenn. — … The Tennessee Titans are looking for a brutal attack that has exhausted the teams as the game drags on. Big receivers Corey Davis and A.J. Brown played a big role in bringing the physicality into the passing game and helping the rushing offense.

Attention is rightly focused on Derrick Henry, because he is the best player in the NFL. The Titans have the second best running offense in the league with an average of 160.1 yards per match. If Henry is interrupted for a while, chances are that Davis or Brown will help him to block the field.

When you have recipients who just want to block and ignore…. I love these guys, Henry said. They work hard and pay a lot of attention to what we have to do to have a successful racing game.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Titansreceivers, A.J. Brown and Corey Davis, are expected to reach approximately 1,000 meters. Christopher Hanevinkel/USA Monday Sport

Titans’ coach Mike Vrabel pointed out that Davis and Brown are ready to finish longer than the man in football, which is why they are so blocking.

That’s what you cling to – your commitment and your success, Davis.

Blocking is something Coach Rob Moore has made a priority for his players, especially in talks in the week prior to game day. It’s all part of the life of a complete actor. That’s why you don’t see Brown or Davis complaining about the lack of targets, making them perfect for attacking Tennessee.

The match doesn’t give the catcher many chances to catch the ball. But it gives them the opportunity to go against a cover that is better for them to make great games.

It’s part of the passing game for the first offense, says Drew Bennett, a former WR Titans player. It’s a game, shots over the field. You get a piece of the game if you lead a good game and you are confronted with many stories about humans. I’m not surprised these guys are able to steer their numbers in the right direction with a threatening racing game.

Opponents put eight defenders in the box on 35% of the shots when Henry is on the field. This allows you to take advantage of numerous individual competitions for the recipients. There may not be many possibilities, but Brown and Davis seize them all.

We always talk to each other to get the best out of every opportunity, Brown said.

Since reaching the NFL last season, Brown’s 7.64-yard post-catch average is the third best of all recipients. Davis is eighth in the NFL with an average of 15.9 yards per landing, while Brown is eleventh with an average of 15.4 yards.

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Field Yates and Mike Clay explain why Justin Herbert and Ryan Tannehill are setting up competitions for fantastic performances in the regular season finals.

Both players are big targets that can make disputed catches and turn them into big victories.

These are big, strong, physical guys, very talented, said quarterback Ryan Tannehill. They’re really made for what we like to do. You can’t focus on one man. You’ve got guys on both sides that could hurt the defense.

Vrabel added that they did a good job catching the ball in traffic and being strong in soccer and breaking tackles. That’s the key.

Since becoming the No. 1 receiver for the Titans, the defense has given Brown more attention. Derrick Mason, a former Titans player, thinks it helped Davis grow.

A.J. Brown, Corey Davis perfect complements to Titans’ run-heavy offense – Tennessee Titans Blog

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I think he’s felt the pressure to be number one in recent years. When I look at them, I look at how Drew [Bennett] and I played and how they sometimes tried to be number one, Mason said. He was a damn good number two, but he wasn’t the best number one rider. When they got A.J., Corey was able to resume his natural position as the number two executive. If the defense focuses on A.J., Corey takes the boys down one-on-one.

Mason compared the Davis-Brown duo to Keenan McCardell’s Jimmy Smith, a one-two punch that has already led the Jacksonville Jaguars’ attack. McCardell and Smith each scored 1,000 receiving yards four times in the same season. Davis and Brown have a chance to break the 1,000 yard barrier in Sunday’s season finale against the Houston Texans.

Davis only needs 55 yards for his first 1,000 yard season, while Brown is 76 yards away from his second. Mason was part of the last receiving duo for the Titans to both run over 1,000 yards in one season; he posted 1,168 yards in 2004 – the same year Bennett led the team with 1,247 yards.

Unlike the Titans of 2004, who finished with a record 5-11, the team will go on the attack this year in the playoffs, scoring 30 points per match. Davis’ 60 receptions for 945 yards and five touchdowns this season have confirmed his status as a legitimate threat against Brown.

Mason thinks this is exactly what the team needs to take the offense to the next level. He thinks the Titans should make sure Davis, a free agent on standby, comes back next season.

You need the number 2 in this league because the number 1 can play badly in every game and the defense will try to silence him. It’s what Corey could do, Mason said. It’s nice to see that the Titans finally have two guys on the outside who can influence the game. You must have two top receivers that are young and explosive and can take a few heavy shots. You can’t replace these guys. If they let this man go, they’re making a big mistake.

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