Nine-year-old Ryan Kaji shot a YouTube video of Toys opening on his popular Mir Ryan channel. He created a worldwide children’s entertainment franchise with TV shows, streaming channels and console video games and made his debut in a hot air balloon.


The Thanksgiving parade, as well as the sale of toys, clothing and toothbrushes in the

Walmart Inc,


and other outlets.

5. The world of December Ryan takes on a new form as a virtual world on the growing gambling platform of Roblox Corp.

Ro Robulox’s Ryan’s World offers interactive spaces and activities for players, including the race track, school, city centre and entertainment area where players compete on obstacle courses. The world will also see Ryan’s characters on television and videos, such as Red Titan, the superhero version of Ryan, and Combo Panda, a cartoon beast in a helmet playing games and reviews.

Ryan, real name Ryan Guan, will participate from time to time and give fans a virtual presentation of him.

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YouTube stars with a large audience, especially among younger viewers, are increasingly attracting the attention of the entertainment industry, toy manufacturers and other companies who want to use their fame for new content and products.

According to Brendan Gahan, social affairs director of the advertising agency Mekanism Inc. I am convinced that in a few years these brands will compete with Sesame Street – they have a massive appeal that is probably greater than that of Sesame Street now in most cases – they just wouldn’t be able to monetize it in so many ways. I think you’ll soon see how that will change.

Pocketwatch Inc., Culver City, California, an entertainment company that runs a company like and Ryan’s World on YouTube, sees virtual worlds as a way to create new versions of franchise theme parks, said.

Chris Williams,

of the founder and CEO.

We don’t have to buy real estate, we have to focus on where the kids are today, on platforms like Roblox, Williams said.

According to Williams, the Mir Ryan franchise should generate more than $500 million in retail sales between the launch of the consumer goods trade in 2018 and the end of 2020, including about $250 million this year.

With Roblox World, Ryan will generate income when players buy gems that they can exchange for virtual gadgets and other game items. Players can also earn gems during the game, according to Williams.

Roblox benefits from a 30% drop in sales on its platform, which offers millions of games. It has an average of 36.2 million users per day, as asked to make it public last month. Its nearly seven million developers will reach $250 million this year, up from $110 million in 2019, and the company’s net income will exceed $1 million annually, the company said.

Ryan’s world within the world of Roblox will also contribute to other parts of the Ryan empire: For example, the racing car in the game is a toy offered for sale in real life by FAO Black, and it is likely that new characters will appear as they are introduced elsewhere in the program.

One of the challenges Peace Ryan will face as his young star ages, Ryan said. Gahan, Executive Director of Mekanism.

Some characters from Ryan’s world on Roblox.


Pocket watch

Ryan’s parents tried to adapt to this situation by creating animated characters that could serve as the basis for new series, games and products, while allowing Ryan to pursue his new interests in science, games and design as he grew up, his father Sean Guang said.

I think we can expand the range of content, just as Disney Disney has and Disney Junior, said Mr. Guang.

Mr. Williams, former Disney CEO, said is committed to replicating Mir Ryan’s success with other creators on YouTube. For example, toys and costumes from the creator of a franchise called Love, Diana, are now available at Walmart in the United States.

Consumer goods account for 54% of’s revenue from 12 authors, with content and license sales accounting for 23% and advertising for 22%, excluding advertising on platforms such as YouTube. Ryan’s world has the largest group of companies, Williams said.

It helped us paint a picture, Williams said.

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