Lebron James is without a doubt the best basketball player in the world today. With four NBA titles and MVP awards, he can easily be included in the Hall of Fame if he calls it a career.

Of course, with his success on the basketball court and his great influence on it, everything he touches turns golden. In this case, everything that bears his name and photo (and much more) is of great value!

For the fervent NBA card collector who owns a LeBron James card – especially his starting card – it is literally the possession of an asset whose value is constantly increasing over time. While the market for basketball cards is clearly on the rise, the cost of LeBron cards remains high.

In fact, it was only in 2020, in the context of a pandemic and growing uncertainty in the economy, that two LeBron cards were sold at record levels.

While we look at three of the most expensive tickets sold by James Natural, as mentioned above, were two of them this year.

3. 2003-04 Final Collection Final Logo Signature 1/1 (last sale at $312,000)

This card is truly unique, and no wonder it was sold for $312,000 in 2016. In fact, its value is probably higher now. However, it is not known if the owner has changed since the auction four years ago.

3 most expensive LeBron James cards ever sold


This special LeBron James Novice card, which can be seen on the PSA website, has a symbolic logo and the signature of the King himself. In addition, under the coat of arms is the handwritten letter 1/1, which makes it even more remarkable and precious. He only evaluated PSA 9, but that doesn’t matter, because the card will certainly get a lot of money, even if it’s not in very good condition.

2. 2003-04 Collection of Elegant Upper Deck Logomans – Lebron James and Michael Jordan (last sold for $900,000)

The card has no signatures of the players, but only one of them has printed the card, making it a real jewel of the basketball card. He scored only 8.5 points in Beckett’s BGS rating system), but when you have two of the best players in NBA history with a 1-in-1 card, that’s not really a problem.

A rare card with a few patches with the NBA logo on both players’ T-shirts, sold for $900,000 last February. The buyer of the card is unknown, because it was sold in a private sale by Ken Goldin of the Goldin auction.

1. 2003-04 Elegant beginner’s badge (last sale for $1,800,000)

The Short Seal LeBron James card sold at the Goldin auction in July 2020 has a score of 9.5 BGS – almost a real gem, if you leave out the 9 graduate corners.

However, the selling price of $1.8 million is the second most expensive modern basketball card ever sold. In fact, he held the record for six weeks before Giannis Antetokounmpo (estimated BGS 9) was sold for $1.812 million.

This LeBron James card has just been sold at the @GoldinAuctions auction for $1.8 million, a record for the card at that time.

The winner is @LeoreAvidar, who says the purchase is part of a strategy to bring something big for collectors and alternative assets in the coming months. pic.twitter.com/rN9lepvpE

– Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) 19. July 2020.

As we reported on the sale, the winner of the card auction is Leor Avidar, which would be the CEO and co-founder of Lob.com, a B2B email service. Avidar – a professional collector, although today it’s amazing to be able to trade almost $2 million for a basketball card.

3 most expensive LeBron James cards ever sold

3 most expensive LeBron James cards ever sold

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