Whether it’s flashlights, USB cords, or other gadgets that need to be easily accessible in your bedroom, there are tons of products out there that can help you get things done in your room. Whether it is for organizing, charging, or something else, you will be able to find the perfect amount of organization for a good price.

While your bedroom is a place you’ll obviously want to keep neat, sometime it can be challenging to define what makes it a messy or disorganized room. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best products for organizing your bedroom that you can find for less than $20.


Our bedroom is not only the place where we sleep, but also where we get dressed, read a book in bed or watch TV while pursuing a hobby, such as knitting. And the things we use for exercise and personal hygiene are often stored in our rooms, creating clutter where we need a clean space.

With these and other challenges in mind, we turned to experts Caroline Moss, host of the popular podcast Thank You Just Bought! for product recommendations, and Lisa Krohn, who founded Smallish Home, to document the process of transforming her tiny house into a functional and stylish home (check out her engaging videos on TikTok!). They helped us pick the 20 best bedroom organizers under $20.


Bedside table with 6 compartments

Moss chose this six compartment fabric basket, which fits between the mattress and the box spring or bed frame and hangs over the side. Don’t lose your phone in bed anymore (or is that just me?) – this nightstand keeps everything organized and within reach, she says.


Plastic storage box with adjustable dividers

Krohn recommends this clear plastic organizer with dividers for jewelry – especially earrings and necklaces, which tend to get tangled or lost, she says. It has 36 compartments for storing small items, and the removable dividers can be adjusted to accommodate larger items.

Storage of containers

Wall mount for acrylic collars with 11 feet

Using wall space to create a storage system is one of the best tips from professional organizers. The clothespin for necklaces is minimalist but effective: no more hanging jewelry on doorknobs or bathroom hooks, says Moss.


iDesign Cade Face Towel Bag

Space on the bedside table is a precious commodity, and this clever towel rack is designed with that in mind. He turns the box on its side so that the rags are pulled out instead of up. You can use the top of the towel rack as a shelf for small items on your bedside table, for example. B. for glasses, lip balm or hand cream.


A personalized jewelry tray

Another way to organize your collection of small items is to use a jewelry holder. The drawer makes the eye think that the clutter looks neat and tidy, and automatically stores essential items when not in use so you don’t have to keep looking for them.


Invisible floating library

Books and magazines to read before bed take up a lot of space. Therefore, avid readers could invest in a small floating bookcase to store their reading material and free up valuable space on the bedside table.


CCidea Garment Organizer and Storage Bags

The space under the bed is also real estate, but in a different sense: This is the obvious place to store items that are out of season or rarely used. But how you store these items is very important, because there can be a lot of dust underneath. Cron loves these zippered drawers for off-season storage of clothes or extra bedding because the soft walls make them more flexible than hard plastic drawers, but they are fully zippered to keep out dirt, dust and hair.


Foldable linen footstool for storage

Moss recommends this linen-covered pouf – it comes in gray, black, blue, beige, green, orange and red – because, she says, sometimes organizing just means getting things out of the way. When not in use, it folds up for easy transport or horizontal storage.


A very large basket made of cotton twine

Sometimes you just need a big basket to put things in! This extra large cotton rope basket is a great way to store extra blankets or pillows, as well as clothes like pajamas or sweaters. It can also be used as a laundry basket.


mDesign 3-floor organizer with shelves

For Moss, this three-shelf shelf is the perfect way to save space in any room. It’s also the perfect solution to an increasingly common problem when it comes to creating a quiet and orderly bedroom: housing small electronics like Apple TVs or routers.



Piles of small items can quickly pile up on dressers and nightstands, creating a visual clutter that makes the room look chaotic. A decorative tray is a quick, easy and stylish way to display your messy collection of glasses, lip balm, hand creams and other personal items.


iDesign – Set of 3 plastic drawers

Another way to store small items like glasses or medications that you keep next to the bed is to buy a small set of acrylic drawers. The advantage of closed drawers is that dust and hair cannot reach the items they contain.


Cable clamps Cable organiser, 6 pack

Self-adhesive cord holders stick to cords and keep them off the floor when not in use. This is especially useful if you’re using a robotic vacuum cleaner and need to make sure it doesn’t pick up stray charging cords. It’s also great to be able to find your phone charger when you need it, without having to dive under the bed to find it! The peelable adhesive can be used safely on drywall, plastic, wood, glass, metal or rubber.


Fabric cord cover

Finding charging cables when you need them is just part of cable management, sometimes it’s a matter of completely hiding a mass of cables. The 6-foot fabric cover can be used to hide electrical cords from lamps or charging stations, as well as TV cables and wires.



Moss recommends replacing all two-pole plugs with surge protectors. You’ll never regret it. This power outlet has three AC ports and four USB charging ports. So you can plug the lamp into the same surge protector that you plug your phone charger into, so all the cords stay in the same place.


Laundry basket with suspension

Space for dirty laundry is extremely important in the bedroom, but blankets can take up a lot of room. This hanging basket can be hung on the back of the door in a room where space is limited.


Black wall hooks for clothes

If you keep throwing your favorite sweatshirt or pajamas that you want to wear again onto the back of your sleeping chair (that chair has a name, and it’s called the laundry chair), you should invest in a pair of wall hooks. The sweatshirt looks much less dirty on the hook than on the laundry chair.


Self-supporting clothes rack

If your closet is small, a clothing rack can be an essential item, but even those with large closet space can benefit from this purchase. A freestanding coat rack is ideal for displaying your favorite clothes, or can be a convenient option for raincoats and bulky items you don’t want to take out of your closet, Moss said.


Small milk crate with handles

This small open drawer can be used to store books, craft supplies like yarn and needles, or even an extra blanket – and the sleek industrial design and brass handles make it look much more expensive than it really is!


Small felt basket with embroidery

Krohn loves these felt baskets that can hold all sorts of things, from personal care products like foot cream and lip balm to hair accessories or jewelry. The felt baskets come in two colors – oatmeal and dark gray – and have cut-out handles on the sides for easy handling or carrying.

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