1 player who could be a surprise roster cut in 2021 offseason



The Los Angeles Rams have already made headlines this season by trading quarterback Matt Stafford. The team will not restructure Stafford’s final years. The former Lions quarterback could receive $43 million over the next two seasons.

Still, the Rams may be more surprised by potential downsizing than the free agency system. Los Angeles has the second largest payroll in the NFL. They are currently $35 million over the cap for the upcoming season. Los Angeles could be in for a shocking loss for many players, especially if they have any hope of re-acquiring their own free agents.

Reduction of ceiling

Last year, there were rumors of a significant reduction in the salary cap. The salary cap is currently estimated to be around $176 million. This amount is very close to the collectively agreed minimum wage. So the Rams won’t be the only team to have to make tough decisions.

The $22.2 million reduction lowers the cap by 11.2% from 2020. 2021 would be only the second time. In 2011, after the lockout, the ceiling dropped. This year’s drop comes after the league lost money on fan count and television revenue due to the pandemic. Los Angeles had its own problems when they opened their new SoFi stadium with no fans coming during the season.

However, the NFL owners and the NFL Players’ Association may agree to a higher salary in late February. Normally, the cap increases by about $10 million per season.

Either way, Rams face some tough decisions. Companies like the Austin Blythe Centre, Troy Hill Corner, John Johnson Security, Samson Ebukam Edge and Leonard Floyd Edge can look for big contracts on the open market. The Morgan Fox defensive tackle, Gerald Everett tight play, Darious Williams corner and receiver Josh Reynolds were also key elements of the free agent. The team will have to make cuts elsewhere to prevent any of these players from having a good season.

Potential power loss

A quick glance at Rams’ list doesn’t show any obvious opportunities for ceiling savings. Los Angeles could be saying goodbye to linebacker Kenny Hill, who made his debut on the Marcus Peters market a few seasons ago. Hill, injured, could not produce in Los Angeles. The Rams could get $2.18 million if they give up Hill. Saving hats is probably the most obvious step.

Otherwise, goalie Austin Corbett, defender A’Shawn Robinson, tight end Tyler Higbee, tackler Rob Havenstein, goalie Michael Brockers and tackler Andrew Whitworth are the only other players with more than $2 million in space-saving potential.

Robinson is the only non-starter and the lowest scorer in this group, according to PFF. Still, the Rams could save $3.75 million if they choose Robinson after the first week. June dismissed. For that, they save only $75,000 if they cut Robinson. This should at least delay the Rams’ decision on Robinson’s contract.

If Whitworth is ahead of the first. June is released, the Rams could save more than $5 million. It also makes sense as Whitworth approaches 40. However, the Rams do not have the ability to pick Whitworth’s replacement this year or in the next few years. Whitworth has also proven that he can play at a high level, as his return from injury last season got the entire O-line going.

Higbee is also probably in the safe position, as the Rams are already dealing with the possible loss of Everett.

Surprise camera removed

Again, the Rams can do no better than make a tough list move. In that case, the Rams will likely part with their starting right tackle.

Last year, Havenstein was 15th in the top tackle rankings with a score of 80.5 from the PFF. A season of rebounding helped the Rams’ offensive line, which contributed to a top 10 attack.

Either way, Los Angeles could get a boost by bringing Gavenstein back to first-round pick. June $5.17 million in savings. It costs them $3.16 in dead money. Nevertheless, the dead money drops and the capital savings increase when Gavenstein is out after the 1st. June to be released by the Rams.

The Rams also have defenders Bobby Evans and David Edwards who have size and tackling experience. They are both younger and cheaper than the 28-year-old Gavenstein.

Rams fans will also remember that Havenstein started as a fullback in the NFL before switching to tackle. Evans and Edwards could replicate that success by moving from guard to attack.

Unfortunately, all of this shows that Havenstein’s days with the Rams are numbered. His age, success and role on the team make him a surprising departure from the Los Angeles team.

honourable mention Reduction of the list of teams

Realtors may also be a surprise after five sacks last year. The Rams could save $4.66 million if they keep the defensive line for the first round. would cancel June, $7 million after that date.

Los Angeles has already seen Greg Gaines and Fox do well in role-playing games. Real estate agents are also 30 years old. The Rams recruited him in 2012, and he has been an integral part of the team ever since. He signed with the Ravens in free agency last year before his contract was terminated due to his physical condition.

Nevertheless, broker discounts after 1. In June, there was still at least $3.66 million in dead money, or $5.17 million before that deadline. Dead money increases the chances of the broker staying on the list. His age and past decisions as a free agent make it less surprising that he was released.

In the end, Havenstein will be the Rams’ most amazing cap loss. But he likely won’t be the only surprise for Los Angeles in the 2021 offseason.

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